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What are the advantages of paying by ACH (electronic debit)?

  • Faster Delivery of Orders:
    • We cannot begin processing your order until we receive your payment, and all payments must be received before shipment.
  • Safer Method of Payment:
    • The ACH payment processing network has been in use for over 40 years. During this time, business have debited funds from consumer bank accounts by ACH payment processing for insurance premiums, car notes, utility bills, health club memberships, and a wide variety of other services.But, with the amazing growth of the internet over the past 15 years, consumers are now demanding the convenience of paying bills online with ACH payment processing. Companies now realize that substantial savings can be realized simply by offering consumers the ability to pay online via the ACH payment processing network.It’s easy to add ACH payment processing by adding a “pay your bill now” button to any internet site. Consumers click on the button to pay bills via ACH payment processing. Single time or recurring billing payments can be made through the ACH payment processing network.

      Companies can import and export ACH payment processing transaction data to and from internal accounting systems. Extensive online reporting makes ACH payment processing accounts a breeze.

      ACH Payment Processing for Consumers.

      ACH payment processing is rapidly replacing paper checks because an ACH payment processing is faster and easier than writing a check. ACH payment processing is a real time saver too.

      With paper checks, consumers spent the equivalent of 3 days a year paying bills. What a waste of time and money considering that ACH payment processing is now readily available.

      With ACH payment processing, consumers no longer have to write the check, find a stamp, and remember to mail the item on time in order to avoid late fees. ACH payment processing eliminates the hassle and reduces the stress involved with paying bills.

      ACH payment processing saves an average family with 20 monthly bills over $80 a year in postage expense. The cost of checks can add another $30. And, late fees for bills if the mail is delayed can result in fees of $30 and up. Smart consumers use ACH payment processing and eliminate these expenses

      ACH payment processing is safe, reliable, and fast. ACH payments do not give companies access to consumer’s checking or savings accounts. Rather, ACH payment processing simply authorizes the bank to automatically release ACH payments to your biller on a pre-arranged date.

      ACH payment processing offers greater control over consumer finances. With ACH payment processing, consumers know exactly how much and when bills will be paid. Good credit rating is maintained because bills paid by ACH payment processing are always made on time.

      Record keeping with ACH payment processing is simplified. Every ACH payment is automatically listed on the consumer’s monthly bank statement.

      ACH payment processing transactions are protected by the Electronic Funds Transfer Act and the Federal Reserve’s Regulation E. Regulation E provides disclosure and error resolution procedures. ACH payment processing gives consumers the right to stop or return a payment which was not authorized or was made in error.


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